Top 4 Esports Games to Watch: Competitions and Rising Stars

Tens of millions of Millennials and Gen Z’s have grown up playing their most treasured gaming titles. There are so many individual games to select from. However, games that have been around for decades, releasing annual installments that still fly off the shelves, such as NFL Madden and FIFA, are synonymous with the most prominent gaming consoles and cultivate nostalgia and solace for gamers who still find some downtime to play their favorite games.

As new generations emerge, with each seemingly more skilled than the next, the competition in eSports is continuing to reach new levels of excellence, and today we will be exploring the games to keep an eye on as they aim to tackle some of the biggest names in the sector.

Dota 2

This might seem an obvious choice, given that it is the most popular game, and the tournaments command the biggest global prize pools. However, this is why it is a game to watch. Although it was earmarked as a substantial potential breakout game within professional video gaming, it has completely transformed the market and industry over the last seven years. Some analysts have even gone as far as to suggest that the landscape of eSports wouldn’t have anywhere near the same popularity or visibility if it weren’t for Valve’s iconic game and the innovations that it has brought.

Dota 2 is an online battle arena game and falls into the same bracket as other popular eSports games. Not only is it an exceptionally crafted game, but the designers are often bringing out new updates and maps for gamers to enjoy, which is why it is considered the premier game in eSports. Despite Dota 2 first coming out a decade ago, the game’s popularity remains as strong as ever, and the audience and fanbase remain loyal due to the time and effort that goes into developing the gaming maps and keeping the games as captivating and engaging as possible.

We’ve included this game today because of its standing within the industry and because the competitions are always so thrilling. Dota 2 tournaments are the most exciting because of the enthralling multi-player element, which transcends so effortlessly onto the big screen for people to watch.

The colossal record-breaking prize money, which seems to grow every year, brings out the most excitement amongst crowds and the optimum level of performance amongst gamers looking to channel their optimum performance to get their eyes on the big prize, not to mention that some of eSports biggest earners and rising stars such as Johan “n0tail” Sundstein and Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi. The International is a tournament hosted annually worldwide that is often cited as the most thrilling competition and features the best Doha 2 players.

League of Legends

As arguably the oldest game that features so prominently within eSports, League Of Legends is uniquely positioned. It has a large mobile gaming following, is free-to-play, and falls into the same bracket as Dota 2, a multi-player battle arena game. The colossal success of League Of Legends owes a lot to these two components. The game harnesses such thrilling competition because of the widespread accessibility of internet connectivity and smartphones, and the low cost of playing League of Legends means that it has possibly the most significant room for growth out of all of the games on our list today.

Players such as Viper from Hanwha Life, Peyz from Gen.G, and Ruler from JD Gaming are often considered the most thrilling players in the world, so keep an eye out for any tournaments that feature them if you’re looking to watch rising stars and the best competition within League of Legends leagues. Top competitions include the League of Legends World Cup, hosted annually, and continental grand finals, which bring together the best players from within that continent.

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As one of the biggest, most successful, and longstanding games within the first-person shooter genre, Counter-Strike is a strategy game, focusing on two sets of teams, usually in a guerilla warfare setting, battling it out to see who can eliminate the other team members as quickly as possible. It shares battleground, from an eSports perspective, with Call of Duty.

Still, the intriguing component of Counter-Strike is that the designers behind Dota 2, Valve, understand the complexities and intricacies involved in making a game that appeals to eSports leagues and players. Therefore, the game has soared in popularity over the last half-decade, and some analysts believe it will soon become a challenge to the biggest games within eSports.

Crucially, there’s a new, updated, and exciting chapter lined up, and with eSports pros like s1mple and Twistzz bringing a bigger audience, there’s significant room for growth in participants and audience members.


This is one game that ticks both boxes. Valorant has a string of excellent global competitions with large prize pools, and many of the rising stars in eSports specialize in this game. It is the newest game that features on our list, and despite being around for three years, this free-to-play tactical hero shooter game has some immense plaudits and impressive viewing figures.

Suppose you’re intrigued about what thrilling competitions and rising stars to look at. In that case, Valorant Champions is one tournament that frequently features the top talent, and some of the best players include Derke (Nikita Sirmitev) and Chronicle (Timofey Khromov), who are both part of the incredible Fnatic team.

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