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7 Coolest Features of the Apple Vision Pro

Apple recently unveiled its futuristic headset computer called the Apple Vision Pro, and it’s making headlines for all the cool things it can do. Packed with out-of-this-world features, the Vision Pro is Apple’s vision for the future of personal computing. It offers a unique way for users to see, hear, and interact with digital content in a natural yet immersive way.

The much-anticipated mixed-reality headset looks like something out of the future. For a breezy $3,499, users can wear “the most advanced personal electronic device ever” and experience entertainment and more in an immersive, all-encompassing way.

What does the Apple Vision Pro have to offer and how it will transform everyday life? Here are the most remarkable features.


The Vision Pro can track where a user is looking to understand exactly what they are looking at, whether it’s an app or something on their periphery.

If the wearer begins to look away from an app and into their periphery, the Vision Pro’s glass screen will become transparent, allowing the wearer to see around them.

The technology, called EyeSight, will also give people outside the goggles an important visual cue to whether they have the attention of the wearer or if they are being ignored.

Immersive FaceTime Video Calls with Face Recognition

One of the most incredible features of the Apple Vision Pro is the device’s ability to support immersive FaceTime video calls.

Creating this technology was challenging since there is no videoconferencing camera looking at the wearer. Apple came up with a unique workaround to combat this. Users take an initial scan of their faces using the Vision Pro’s front-facing camera. The headset uses machine learning to create a 3D, digital version of its face for use during calls. When the user speaks on FaceTime, sensors facing the wearer are designed to detect and represent facial movements through a digital persona. If the other people on the call are using a Vision Pro, they would see one another in a fully immersive 3D form. This incredible technology is the first of its kind. FaceTime, Teams, Webex, and Zoom will support these 3D avatars.

Desktop Mirror

Apple says the Vision Pro will allow users to be more productive at work thanks to its immersive desktop experience. The device allows users to utilize their entire 360-degree surroundings and project anything onto the space in front of them, allowing you to create an extra-large desktop screen.

Imagine not having to work off of your small MacBook’s 13-inch display. Instead, the Apple Vision Pro allows you to display your desktop screen in the area around you. The space in front of you becomes a giant command screen, allowing you to better organize apps, messages, Safari, email, calendars, and more.

Entertainment Features

Imagine transforming any room into your own theater. It could allow you to watch your favorite videos or play your favorite games on a long flight, in your backyard, or any room. Expand your movies, shows, and games up to the perfect size while feeling like you’re part of the action with spatial audio. Apple promises the pictures to be spectacular, touting a 4K display. Plus, with Apple’s SharePlay, anyone with FaceTime can watch film and TV together through the headset.

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Hand and Eye Based Controls

Instead of relying on a controller for input controls, the Apple Vision Pro relies on a person’s body movements for input.

The headset uses 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones (including a lidar sensor) to track the wearer’s hands, eyes, and voice. The eye-tracking technology is savvy. It uses high-speed cameras and a ring of LEDs that project light patterns onto the user’s eyes to understand what they’re looking at. To select an object, the wearer simply looks at the object and then pinches their fingers in the air to select.

Custom Lenses

Apple’s VR/AR headset can now be customized with prescription lenses. The slim design of the headset is impressive. Apple has partnered with Zeiss to create optical inserts tailored to individual vision.

What’s unique about the Apple Vision Pro is that there is no need to replace lenses. The Zeiss lenses are simply placed over the Apple Vision Pro lenses using a magnetic holder.

Privacy Features

Apple is known for its premier security and privacy features, and the Apple Vision Pro is set to have some of the best privacy features in the industry. As with all Apple security features, Optic ID is claimed to remain solely on the device. Plus, the information is fully encrypted.

Furthermore, users can enjoy peace of mind that eye-tracking data will not be accessible or collected by Apple or any other party, and camera and sensor data will be processed at the system level to prevent unauthorized access.

Future of Gaming

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Apple Vision Pro Hype

It’s no surprise that the Apple Vision Pro is taking the Internet by storm. This headset has been in the works for years and has reportedly undergone several iterations. The VR/AR headset will transform entertainment and productivity with cool features that allow us to interact with content in an engaging, immersive way. We expect that future versions and iterations of the Vision Pro get even better.