It all fits together perfectly… the heat of Ignition Australia, the hottest new innovation in pokies in years, and the name itself: Hot Drop Jackpots.

It’s also the coolest online casino feature to come along for quite some time. Hot Drop Jackpots – which include Must Drop Jackpots, Daily Drop Jackpots, Hourly Drop Jackpots and Super Jackpots – guarantee that someone is scoring a jackpot at a set time, every time.

Hit the Hot Drop Jackpot at Ignition Casino

While playing pokies is always a good time, sometimes you want to know that when you’re playing jackpot slots, you’ve got a shot at winning within a certain time. This is where Hot Drop Jackpots – HDJ’s, as we’ll sometimes call them – come into play.

Why Hot Drops? Because the action heats up anytime you’ve got a prize in sight. Each spin of the online pokies could mean hitting a jackpot with any game you play – but you don’t know if that win is coming today or at some point in the future. With Hot Drop Jackpots, you can see the finish line every time.

Hot Drop Jackpots

How to play Hot Drop Jackpots for real money?

You can’t miss them really, once you hit our website! Whether you arrived looking for online poker, online blackjack, online roulette, online pokies or really anything in Ignition Australia’s online casino, Hot Drop Jackpots are prominently displayed in a few locations.

The top menu features “Jackpot Slots”, and that’ll take you to all the info you need for your pokies and HDJ actions.

When you land 3 jackpot symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger the Hot Drop Jackpot Wheel. Right then and there, you know you’re in the money! All that’s left to discover is which online pokies prize you’ll be taking home – the Hourly, Daily or Super Jackpot.

That’s real money we’re talking too. In fact, Ignition currently commits over $5 million monthly in Hot Drop Jackpot winnings.

$3000 Casino Bonus

What are the Hot Drop Jackpots you can play at Ignition Casino?

We currently have four of our most popular pokies available right now for some HDJ action.

Check out these great games anytime when you’re in the mood for online pokies with a chance at a guaranteed payout.

Benefits of playing the Hot Drop Jackpots at Ignition Casino

Another great question, and an important one. That live casino feel you get when you venture to a real life casino fills you with adrenaline, and you can see the people around winning even if you your pokies play has gone a little cold.

With online casinos, you can feel like you’re on your own sometimes, and wonder if you’re ever going to cash in. But with Hot Drop Jackpots, you know from the start that someone’s going home with some jackpot cash, often within that same hour.

The Hourly Drop Jackpots mean a jackpot must drop within 60 minutes, and the average prize is close to $1,000.

The Daily Drop Jackpots, meanwhile, give the pot some time to grow, and within 24 hours someone is guaranteed to win close to $25,000.

The Super Drop Jackpots grow even bigger as they’re awarded weekly. Over $250,000 is up for grabs and the jackpot has to drop before it hits a set amount each week – so someone is walking home very week with a cool quarter million in online casino winnings.

Play Hot Drop Jackpots with cryptocurrency

Hot Drop Jackpot casino players in Australia can use Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Ignition Casino’s crypto players wanted more choices for their online crypto casino play, and we listened. Just like HDJ’s have guaranteed payouts, all the coins listed above are guaranteed to work when you use them the fuel your Ignition account.

Every crypto coin also converts into its equivalent in AUD when it hits your account, so you don’t have to sweat the ups and downs of the price of your chosen cryptocurrency. All your online casino fun can be focused right on your preferred Hot Drop Jackpot pokie.

What other games can you play at Ignition Casino?

On top of the Hot Drop Jackpots, Ignition Casino got one of the most popular Online Poker Rooms in the online casino world, within Australia and beyond. There are big-money tournaments that offer millions in guaranteed prize money, as well as Jackpot Sit & Go games that are available around the clock. These fun games can be completed in just minutes, so you can play them on the go.

Crypto poker fans love our site for the way it looks and for the variety of games we offer (and the big-time prize pools help too),

Online casino games are another big attraction at Ignition Casino, with online roulette and online baccarat to the super popular Let ‘Em Ride, Caribbean Hold ‘Em and more. Bitcoin blackjack is great action, but if you need a break for something different, these are great choices.

Hundreds of online pokies, including Bitcoin slots, from classic Vegas-style fun to jungle adventures and trips to the past and future will all satisfy your craving for crypto casino action.

Online blackjack is also big with Ignition players, and it includes 8 different styles of the hugely popular card game.

So any time you need a short break from the action of Hot Drop Jackpots, you’ll find plenty of action at Ignition Casino. We’ve got you covered.