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Savvy online casino fans know that Baccarat is the game of choice when you want to feel like a smooth, sophisticated player. And you don’t need to be an international jet-setter who flies to Monte Carlo, Las Vegas or Macau – you can play right here in Australia at home for real money.

The game of Baccarat originated in Italy way back in the 1400’s, before making its way to France and eventually England. There’s no word on when Australia first got an introduction to Baccarat, but it can now be found in real casinos and online casinos all over the country.

Over the course of time, the game of baccarat moved across the ocean to South America and the Caribbean. Baccarat became known as Punto Banco – which is the style of game played today at Ignition – and was adapted to the local culture.

One of the main changes was that the players played against the house only, and not against each other. Also, the casinos acted as the bank, which took the obligation off of individual players. This type of baccarat became known as “American Baccarat.”

To get its stylish reputation, one that was made famous in early James Bond movies, casino owners marketed Baccarat as a game for the high-end players by setting high minimum bets, and they hid the Baccarat tables in special rooms with posh leather chairs. This shift helped add to the allure of the game. You can always recreate this in your own home if you really want to get into the Baccarat mood.

Of course, you can keep it casual too: real money Baccarat games are available online at Ignition 24/7, so you can find a game anytime, anywhere you want. No dress code required! Live casino games are also available, so you can be playing along in real time wherever you are.

Baccarat is a game of chance that is easy to learn – a little tough to pronounce maybe (try Bah-kur-RAH) and fun to play with friends too. You don’t need to worry about online poker sharks feasting on you, and you don’t need to think about all the different strategies or other players at the table like you do in many other online casino table games.

Simply pick the bet you want to go with, have a good plan for how much time and money you want to spend on it, read on below for all the rules of Baccarat – and you’ll be playing for real money in real style, real soon.

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How to play online baccarat in Australia for real money?

Take a look at our detailed guide on how to play baccarat and win. And if you’re short time, just check out the shortened version below!

Like most online casino card games, in Baccarat you’ve got a dealer – in this case, the “Banker” and you, the Player. You place bets on either the “player,” the “banker” or the “tie”, so you won’t be needing to battle other players at the same time.

Once your bet is in place, the Player and Banker will each receive two Baccarat cards from an online multiple deck shoe, face-up. (Check to make sure how many decks are in the shoe if you’re a serious player – most, like Ignition, use six decks for real money Baccarat).

Aces are valued at 1 point, twos through nines at face value (the number on the card) and face cards are worth zero points.

The dealer distributes two cards to himself for the “banker” hand and two cards to the person designated the “player”. A hand’s score is the right digit of the sum of the two cards. The left digit is canceled – meaning you can’t go over 9. So, a 5 and a 6 is scored as a 1. A pair of 5s is scored as a zero, and so on.

The score will always range from zero to 9, meaning that nine is the best score. Suits don’t matter in Baccarat, so you can just focus on the numbers.

After the initial deal, the player or the banker stands when dealt a hand with a score of 8 or 9 (a “natural”). The player also stands if he is dealt a 6 or 7. Otherwise, the player draws a third card.

When the player does not have a natural, the banker hits on totals of zero to 2. If the player stands, the banker hits on 5 or less. If the player hits, the banker acts according to rules that determine whether he hits or stands.

The hand with a higher score wins. Bets on player pay even money. Bets on banker pay 19 to 20, or .95 to 1. The tie pays 8 to 1. Bets on banker and player push in the event of a tie.

Why should you play online baccarat at Ignition Casino?

There are plenty of good reasons to play online casino baccarat for real money at Ignition. Let’s take a look at some of the main ones…

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The two main deposit bonuses are the Welcome Bonus and the Weekly Match reload bonus, both of which are triggered when you add funds to your account. You can use most of these on Baccarat if you’d like, or on any of our great games.

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Playing online Baccarat is a lot of fun… and bringing friends to the table is even more fun.

The Tell a Friend offer is a popular one at Ignition Casino, and for good reason. For a couple of seconds of work, you can cash in when you bring your mates into Ignition, with 200% of your friend’s first deposit up to $100, plus an extra $25 when their deposit is made using crypto.

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There are way more casino bonuses to cash in on too. Every time you sit down at the Baccarat table, you can score Ignition Rewards – points that you can cash in later for bonus cash.

Hot Drop Jackpots, Weekly Poker Freerolls, the $10K Monthly Giveaway and many more great bonus offers come regularly too, so check the Promotions page often.

Play Online Baccarat with Cryptocurrency

Playing online Baccarat for real money by using cryptocurrency means no credit card hassles, no dealing with banks, ensures strict privacy protections, and you won’t be charged any deposit or withdrawal fees.

We’ve also expanded beyond just Bitcoin (BTC). Aussie crypto players can also use Bitcoin SV (BSV), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and USD Tether (USDT).

Crypto offers the lowest minimum wager and the highest maximum wager too, so you can get into Baccarat easily and if you win big, you’ll have access to more of your winnings sooner.

It’s safe too – you’ll see the funds turn into AUD as soon as they hit your account, and there’s no risk of credit card fraud.

We offer plenty of crypto games, such as Bitcoin pokies, crypto poker and more. So don’t hesitate and try your luck at our crypto casino today!

What other games can you play at Ignition Casino?

If you’re taking a break from Baccarat, there are a lot of other great options in the online casino.

Hundreds of online pokies are available, with real money jackpots that can go sky-high, into the tens and hundreds of thousands.

Online blackjack is always a popular game and Ignition has eight different varieties to plat, from classic to double deck to perfect pairs and more.

Table games come in all varieties, from dice games to the adrenaline-pumping Let ‘Em Ride to online poker games and that other casino classic, online roulette. For that real casino feel, you can even play live baccarat and live roulette with our fun and fabulous live casino dealers.

And the newest addition to our regular lineup of casino games is possibly the most exciting: Hot Drop Jackpots. These are progressive jackpots now dropping around the clock.

With Hot Drop Jackpots, you’ll be able to see when a particular must win jackpot is RED HOT and ready to drop—every hour, every day, and before hitting a max prize value. Then you just have to spin it for your chance to win it.

Hot Drop Jackpots are available on three of Ignition’s hottest games: A Night with Cleo, Golden Buffalo and 777 Deluxe.