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Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency in the world (after Bitcoin), and it’s no wonder that we’ve had it as one of our accepted crypto coins since the early days.

It’s also no wonder that when people are looking for an Ethereum Casino in Australia, they usually find their way to Ignition Casino very quickly.  

You’ll get fast deposits and withdrawals when you choose Ignition as your Ethereum Casino. Crypto bonuses are bigger – as in, a lot bigger – than standard currency bonuses when you join Ignition using Ethereum, along with special bonus offers that are only available to crypto players even when you’re a long term player (we’ve gotta reward our regulars too, as well as the new guys).

$3000 Casino Bonus

With Ethereum (also known as ETH) fueling your gaming fun, you can also benefit from an important part of today’s online casino world: Privacy. What you wager and your personal information are private, and third-party companies shouldn’t have to know what you’re up to.

When you gamble with Ethereum, security is also a great feature that many people haven’t even thought of. Your ETH is secure as it moves from your exchange wallet to your digital wallet, and doesn’t contain the personal information that is often needed with other types of payment. Less changing of hands means less chances for fraud on your online casino funds.

Got the need for speed? When it comes to Ethereum casino action – FYI they’re also commonly called Bitcoin casinos or crypto casinos – covering every type of crypto casino game – there are no credit card hassles or delays that you might find with standard credit card playing. Approvals aren’t needed; if you’ve got the crypto funds, you are welcome to play – it’s that simple.

Crypto poker is Ignition Casino’s most popular gaming product (out of a whole lineup of great Bitcoin casino offerings including Bitcoin Blackjack), and it works perfectly with Ethereum too. Poker players are often pretty crypto-smart too, so it’s a natural fit. And oh yeah – there are crypto dice games and hundreds of Bitcoin Pokies too, all of which can be played with your Ethereum deposits.

Need more reasons to gamble with Ethereum instead of standard currency? There are no transactions fees, outside of your normal crypto gas costs. This means more of your playing money stay in your own hands.

Benefits of playing with Ethereum at Ignition Casino

Online casino play with Ethereum is full of extra perks for our players.

First, playing with any crypto coin – including ETH – gets you the lowest minimum bet plus the highest maximum bet at Ignition. This kind of range offers you the most flexibility when you sit down at any of our online casino games.

Rapid access to your money is another perk when you go with crypto. Your ETH is withdrawn to your digital wallet right after being approved, and approvals are usually pretty fast since they don’t go through any third party companies.

How about a safe bet? Safety is another Ethereum plus, since the crypto you play with turns into AUD as soon as it hits your account. On top of that, credit card fraud is not an issue when you go crypto.

Another advantage of going with an ETH casino to fuel your playing fun are is probably the most fun of all: Bigger bonuses. Have a look at just a few of the bonus perks exclusively for Ethereum players…

Every Friday when you deposit of $20 or more with Ethereum, you will get a ticket for the following Sunday’s Crypto Depositor’s Freeroll – an online poker tournament just for crypto players. So if crypto poker is your thing, and a chance at some cash Is also something you’re into, you’ve come to right place.

How to make a deposit at an online casino using Ethereum?

Now you get to the how – and it’s a 5-step method to get that ETH deposit in just a few minutes…

STEP 1: First you need to get your digital wallet started. This will be used to to hold your Ethereum and it needed to work with Ignition Casino. Every crypto or Bitcoin casino will have some version of a digital wallet.

STEP 2: Your exchange wallet is the next item you need to get going, and there are a number of trusted exchanges to choose from.

STEP 3: Buy Ethereum from your exchange wallet. You might be able to link your credit or debit card to your exchange. Or have a crypto friend transfer the funds directly from their wallet to yours (think of just having someone hand you money, instead of a bank).

STEP 4: Now you’ll transfer Ethereum to your digital wallet. Our video how-to link below covers everything you need to know about using Ignition’s Ethereum casino.

STEP 5: Last step! Move the funds to your Ignition Casino account and you are good to go. Enjoy these videos on our How-To page to get all the info you need.

How to withdraw your winnings using Ethereum?

Ok, we’ve already showed you how easy and secure Bitcoin casino playing is when you get started. But how about when you win? Whether it’s Bitcoin blackjack, Bitcoin pokies or some other crypto cashout you want, the great news is that withdrawing your winnings is also easy and quick.

Ignition Casino makes accessing your winning crypto casino plays simple:

Your funds will be on their way soon (within 24-48 hours after we’ve received the request to withdraw, and you can enjoy your winnings!

Welcome bonus if you use Ethereum at Ignition Casino

Higher bonuses and bigger maximum bets are just a few of the perks that Ethereum casino players can expect when gambling with Ethereum at Ignition Casino.

The Welcome Bonus is a great start. Crypto players get a lot more than standard currency players when they make their first deposit – extra funds for crypto poker and for our crypto casino.

You can score up to $3,000 in bonus dollars when you make a deposit using crypto for your first deposit. That means a 150% deposit match up to $1,500 in the Poker Room, as well as a 150% deposit match up to $1,500 in the Casino.

Compared to a standard currency player, your ETH deposit gets you an extra $1,000 on casino bonus money!

Other cryptocurrencies accepted at Ignition Casino

Ethereum Casino and crypto casino players in Australia in general can also use Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and USD Tether (USDT).

These are all reliable, safe coins that will get you into the action fast at Ignition Casino. Each cryptocurrency has its believers for various reason, but they all convert into their US dollars the second that they enter your account.

The range of crypto coins that Ignition offers has expanded in recent years, from Bitcoin casino coin only to being able to gamble with Ethereum and the other coins mentioned above. All this means that crypto is here to stay, so use it to come play! Whether you’re looking for a Litecoin casino or an Bitcoin one, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right cryptocurrency for your transactions is crucial. Check out the table below to compare deposit and withdrawal speeds and limits for each option. This information will help you make an informed decision that best fits your needs.

Cryptocurrency TypeWithdrawal SpeedDeposit SpeedTransaction FeesMaximum DepositMaximum Withdrawal (Every 15 Minutes)Weekly Maximum Withdrawal
BitcoinUp to 24 hours $$$$5,000$9,500$180,500
Bitcoin CashUp to 1 hour$$5,000$2,500$2,500
Bitcoin SVUp to 1 hour$$5,000$9,500$9,500
EthereumUp to 1 hour $$$5,000$2,500$2,500
LitecoinUp to 1 hour$$5,000$2,500$2,500
USD TetherUp to 1 hour $$$$None$2,500$2,500


What Ethereum casino games can you play at Ignition Casino?

You’ve got your pick of a huge assortment of games to play at Ignition, when you are an Ethereum player or use any type of funding to get going.

Bitcoin blackjack is always super popular, even with live dealers to give you a real casino feeling. It comes in eight different options, from classic online blackjack to speedy games that you can play on the go.

If blackjack isn’t for you, you should take a look at the other table games we offer, such as online baccarat and Bitcoin roulette.

Over 200 Bitcoin pokies are available too at Ignition, ranging from casino classic pokies like 777 Deluxe to elaborate jungle and mystical games that pull you into cool new worlds.

Our latest great online casino gaming venture is our Hot Drop Jackpots offering, which is already super popular.

These are guaranteed must drop jackpots that pay out every hour, every day on some of our most popular online pokies. And with ETH casino action you can catch them while they’re red-hot – just jump in at any time of day or night.