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Win Big with Bitcoin at Ignition Casino

Bitcoin has been around for over a decade now, and its adoption has gone from a small niche of technology-savvy users to widespread use in countries all over the world, including Australia of course.

Here at Ignition Casino in Australia, we were early with bringing Bitcoin into our system, as we saw all the benefits and flexibility it could provide our players. We were proudly one of the first Bitcoin Casinos in Australia.

From easy, fast deposits that don’t rely on a credit card company’s approval or limits, to quick withdrawals and bigger casino bonuses, Bitcoin just makes a lot of sense to online casino players.

The decentralized nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also gives you the chance to have greater anonymity online – which means more privacy for you.

It also helps Ignition Casino offer you a superior playing experience by not charging transaction fees when you use Bitcoin. Since we don’t need to interact with third-party companies, we don’t need to pay any additional transaction costs on our end.

So it’s a win-win for you, whether you’re playing Bitcoin Poker, Bitcoin Pokies, Bitcoin Blackjack or any of our many other online casino and Bitcoin gambling games. It’s how a great online casino should work, and it’s why we’re focused on becoming a crypto casino Australia can be proud of.

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How to play with crypto at Ignition Casino

It’s super easy to play with crypto at Ignition Casino. As a leader in terms of being a crypto casino, Australia has a high level of crypto-savvy players. But even if you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, your crypto gambling fun is just a few quick steps away.

For the cryptocurrency newbies, there are tons of resources online to help you get familiar with the terminology and the things you need so you can add funds to buy any amount of cryptocurrency.

We also have a great Frequently Asked Questions area set up just for you, so you can be at ease when you get going at our crypto casino (we can’t promise the adrenaline of the games won’t get your heart rate up though!).

How do crypto casinos work?

Your cryptocurrency funds operate much like regular currency once they are in your account.

While some online casinos might operate differently, at Ignition it’s a simple, easy and quick process.

Just Scan the QR code or Copy/Paste the address generated in Ignition’s cashier to the field provided in your wallet, then choose your amount and hit ‘Send’.

At this point, a confirmation screen will appear. Double-check the address and make sure it’s the same as what is shown on the cashier page, then hit ‘Send’ again.

Your crypto funds are immediately converted to AUD. Within about 10 minutes, your AUD balance should show in your Ignition Casino balance. And let the games begin!

Are crypto casino legal and safe?

Yes, to both questions! Always know that you are in total control of your funds – all cryptocurrency information is stored in your digital wallet and not on our servers.

In fact, unlike a conventional bank or credit card company, nobody else can access or see your crypto casino funds without your permission.

In Australia, Bitcoin gambling – and in fact all cryptocurrencies – are legal, and every transaction you send or receive is completely private between you and Igntion Casino.

What are the are the advantages of playing with crypto at an online casino?

Using cryptocurrency offers the lowest minimum wager and the highest maximum bets at Ignition’s online casino in Australia.

Fast withdrawals are another key benefit for crypto gambling, as the cryptocurrency is withdrawn to your digital wallet only a couple of minutes from when the approval process has occurred.

Safety is a big benefit to crypto gambling – like we mentioned above, you’ll see the funds turn into AUD as soon as they hit your account, and there’s no risk of credit card fraud.

Now, onto even more interesting benefits of using crypto to play at Ignition Casino…

Each week, starting on Fridays, when you make a deposit of $20 or more with a cryptocurrency, you’ll receive a ticket for that Sunday’s Crypto Depositor’s Freeroll, where you’ll have a shot at your piece of $2,500. Freerolls are fun online poker tournaments that attract all kinds of players, and as the name implies, you don’t pay anything to get a set at the table.

How to make a deposit at an online casino using Bitcoin?

If you’re already familiar with how cryptocurrencies work, you can skip this and go ahead to Step 5 below.

STEP 1: Setup/open your digital wallet. This will be used to hold your cryptocurrency.

STEP 2: Open your exchange wallet. If you don’t know what that is, check our help section for a full explanation of all this crypto casino stuff!

STEP 3: Purchase cryptocurrency from your exchange wallet. In most cases, you can link your debit or credit card to your exchange, or have a friend transfer the funds from their wallet to yours.

STEP 4: Transfer purchased cryptocurrency to your digital wallet.

  1. Select ‘Receive’ in your digital wallet and copy the wallet address
  2. Click ‘Withdraw’ or ‘Send’ inside your exchange account
  3. Then paste your digital wallet’s address and continue

STEP 5: Transfer the funds to your Ignition Casino account and your crypto casino gambling fun is ready to go! The videos on our How-To page are helpful if you need a hand.

How to withdraw your winnings using Bitcoin?

Win some games recently and want to withdraw your crypto funds?

It’s easy to access them at Ignition Casino.

In your digital wallet, choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw (Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USD Tether or Litecoin), then hit ‘Receive’.

Now copy your wallet address precisely from your Digital Wallet. Make sure your withdrawal request is a success though! The wallet address you enter must be unique and cannot be one that has been used before on the blockchain.

Return to the Ignition website and paste your wallet address in the ‘Your Wallet Address’ field provided. Then just enter the amount you want to withdraw in AUD.

As soon as we’ve received your withdrawal request, expect to the funds to arrive in your digital wallet within approximately 24-48 hours.

When your funds arrive in your digital wallet, you can immediately send them to your Exchange account and convert them to AUD, as cryptocurrency rates do fluctuate.

So enjoy your winnings, crypto player!

What cryptocurrencies are accepted at Ignition Casino?

While we started with accepting just Bitcoin (BTC) to back in the day, crypto casino fans in Australia can now use Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), USD Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin SV (BSV). Did you know we are also Australia’s best Litecoin Casino, as well as the most popular Ethereum Casino?

Having a variety of these cryptocurrencies to choose from helps players avoid being locked in to just Bitcoin gambling, as our customers have told us they want a choice when it comes to crypto gambling overall.

So use whichever one of those you feel most comfortable with, or have your bags filled with, can be used to accelerate into Ignition.

The withdrawal and deposit speeds, as well as limits, for each cryptocurrency may vary. To help you choose the best option for your needs, please refer to the table below for more information on the specific details of each cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency TypeWithdrawal SpeedDeposit SpeedTransaction FeesMaximum DepositMaximum Withdrawal (Every 15 Minutes)Weekly Maximum Withdrawal
BitcoinUp to 24 hours $$$$5,000$9,500$180,500
Bitcoin CashUp to 1 hour$$5,000$2,500$2,500
Bitcoin SVUp to 1 hour$$5,000$9,500$9,500
EthereumUp to 1 hour $$$5,000$2,500$2,500
LitecoinUp to 1 hour$$5,000$2,500$2,500
USD TetherUp to 1 hour $$$$None$2,500$2,500


What Bitcoin Casino games can you play at Ignition Casino?

In short: everything you can play using standard currency can be used for Bitcoin casino and online crypto casino games too.

Online poker in Australia is very popular, and you can find a seat at a table anytime at Ignition Casino. There are a lot of other great options in the online casino, such as crypto dice.

Like Bitcoin blackjack, with all 8 of Ignition Casino’s online blackjack options, plus hundreds of Bitcoin pokies, as well as online roulette and online baccarat.

Hot Drop Jackpots are guaranteed jackpot slots on some of our most popular online pokies and they are available every day. Using cryptocurrency to try and win one of a number of guaranteed cash prizes? Sign me up!

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Crypto Casino FAQ

What is a crypto casino?

A crypto casino is an online gambling platform that allows players to wager and play using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Is it safe to play at a crypto casino?

Safety can vary from one crypto casino to another, so it is important to do your research and choose a reputable and licensed platform. We can assure you that Ignition Casino is a licensed and trustworthy crypto casino.

Are crypto casinos legal?

The legal status of crypto casinos can vary depending on the country or region you are in. Ignition Casino Australia is a legal and licensed crypto casino.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted at crypto casinos?

Different crypto casinos may accept different cryptocurrencies. Here at Ignition Casino, we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and USD Tether.

Can I play anonymously at a crypto casino?

Some crypto casinos do not require players to provide personal information, so it is possible to play anonymously. However, some platforms may require verification before allowing withdrawals.

Are there any bonuses or promotions offered at crypto casinos?

Many crypto casinos like Ignition Casino offer bonuses and promotions to attract new players and retain existing ones. These can include welcome bonuses, free spins, and loyalty rewards.

How do I deposit and withdraw money at a crypto casino?

Deposits and withdrawals at crypto casinos are typically done using cryptocurrency wallets. To deposit, you will need to send funds from your wallet to the casino’s wallet address. To withdraw, you will need to request a withdrawal and send the funds to your own wallet address.