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Win Big with Video Slots at Ignition Casino

Video pokies – known in other parts of the world as video slots, so we’ll use them both here – are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Ignition Casino is right at the top of the list when players choose to play video slots for real money, because of our reputation as a trusted online casino and of course, all the fun games at your fingertips.

There are over 200 games in our lineup of video slots in Australia, from jungle adventures to fast-racing action and straight classics that put you into that Vegas vibe.

Video pokies have come a long way since they were first seen in the late 1800’s in New York and San Francisco. The reels-based machine that you can still recognise today was actually called the Liberty Bell, and it explains why you’ll still the image of this bell on a lot of games.

The progression from filling the casinos of Las Vegas to online casinos and online pokies saw a huge jump of imagination and thousands of different styles of jackpot slots emerged since then.

The latest innovation for video slots for real money at Ignition Casino – and sometimes real big is in Hot Drop Jackpots – these are guaranteed jackpots on some of our most popular pokies. Check out look the hourly, daily and weekly jackpots to add an extra thrill to your Ignition Casino experience.

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What are the Video Slots games you can play at Ignition Casino?

In a word: Plenty.

With over 200 video pokies to choose from, and more being added regularly, you’ve got a choice to make every time you play. These include 3-reel and 5-reel games, depending on how you like to play them.

The themes in Ignition Casino’s online pokies offering is massive, ranging from trips through the wilderness and ancient civilizations to fun romps in Irish pubs, gold mines and adventures with pirates. And everything in-between.

Just having a look at some of the titles gives you a good idea of the big range of games we have, with literally something for everyone: Larry’s Lucky Tavern, Cyberpunk City, Mystic Wilds, Pirate’s Pick, Zombie FC, Fast & Sexy, Ming Legend… the list goes on.

There are also the classics that are more straightforward Vegas-style online pokies, like 5 Times Vegas, 777 Deluxe and Reels & Wheels.

Of course, the Hot Drop Jackpots version of some of our popular online slots for real money gives you an even bigger boost of adrenaline, knowing that someone’s taking home a jackpot every hour, day and week. The HDJ titles we have right now include Reels of Fortune, A Night With Cleo, Lady’s Magic Charms, and Golden Buffalo.

Hot Drop Jackpots