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Win Big with Video Slots at Ignition Casino

Video pokies – known in other parts of the world as video slots, so we’ll use them both here – are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Ignition Casino is right at the top of the list when players choose to play video slots for real money, because of our reputation as a trusted online casino and of course, all the fun games at your fingertips.

There are over 200 games in our lineup of video slots in Australia, from jungle adventures to fast-racing action and straight classics that put you into that Vegas vibe.

Video pokies have come a long way since they were first seen in the late 1800’s in New York and San Francisco. The reels-based machine that you can still recognise today was actually called the Liberty Bell, and it explains why you’ll still the image of this bell on a lot of games.

The progression from filling the casinos of Las Vegas to online casinos and online pokies saw a huge jump of imagination and thousands of different styles of jackpot slots emerged since then.

The latest innovation for video slots for real money at Ignition Casino – and sometimes real big is in Hot Drop Jackpots – these are guaranteed jackpots on some of our most popular pokies. Check out look the hourly, daily and weekly jackpots to add an extra thrill to your Ignition Casino experience.

$3000 Casino Bonus

How to play Video Pokies in Australia for real money?

Before you start off with online pokies, make sure you’ve got what we call bankroll management into your playing session. It’s a budget so you can enjoy your video slots play responsibly and still have fun with a chance to win at jackpot slots.

Once you’ve deposited funds into your account, playing Bitcoin slots or using standard currency, you can get into proper bankroll management.

Bankroll management begins by deciding how much money you want to dedicate to your session, and then dividing that amount into units per spin. Long playing sessions require smaller units; $5 and under should work. But if you just have a few minutes to spin the reels, you can play with bigger units. For example, a $300 total budget session divided by $2.50 units gives you 120 spins. Stick to that number of spins (plus the number of free spins that can some during the game you’re playing), and then exit the game completely.

If you are out your initial money that you budgeted, don’t chase your losses. You can always play again the next time you want to go on a pokies adventure.

As for the actual online pokies, you can choose from 3-reel or 5-reel games, depending on your preference. Plus, every game has its own special features, from Free Spins to Expanding Wilds to Multipliers and more – you’ve got a chance to read a full description of each game before you pick one to have fun with.

What are the Video Slots games you can play at Ignition Casino?

In a word: Plenty.

With over 200 video pokies to choose from, and more being added regularly, you’ve got a choice to make every time you play. These include 3-reel and 5-reel games, depending on how you like to play them.

The themes in Ignition Casino’s online pokies offering is massive, ranging from trips through the wilderness and ancient civilizations to fun romps in Irish pubs, gold mines and adventures with pirates. And everything in-between.

Just having a look at some of the titles gives you a good idea of the big range of games we have, with literally something for everyone: Larry’s Lucky Tavern, Cyberpunk City, Mystic Wilds, Pirate’s Pick, Zombie FC, Fast & Sexy, Ming Legend… the list goes on.

There are also the classics that are more straightforward Vegas-style online pokies, like 5 Times Vegas, 777 Deluxe and Reels & Wheels.

Of course, the Hot Drop Jackpots version of some of our popular online slots for real money gives you an even bigger boost of adrenaline, knowing that someone’s taking home a jackpot every hour, day and week. The HDJ titles we have right now include Reels of Fortune, A Night With Cleo, Lady’s Magic Charms, and Golden Buffalo.

Hot Drop Jackpots

Why should you play Video Slots at Ignition Casino?

Fun is the number one factor! There are a few good strategies to use in playing online pokies, but beyond bankroll management they mainly involve chance and luck – which means they’re a good diversion from when you don’t want to have to plan too much to have your gaming fun.

Deposit Bonuses

The two big bonuses at Ignition Casino are the Weekly Match Reload Bonus and the Welcome Bonus, and they happen when you add playing money to your account, whether it’s in cryptocurrency or standard currency.

Next time you reload your Ignition Casino online casino account with your next deposit, make sure you claim the special Weekly Match bonus. It can mean an online casino bonus of up to $100 and that money will be in your account in seconds.

Brand new players can receive up to $2,000 AUD in bonus funds! We’ll give them a 100% match on their 1st deposit, with 50% going towards casino play and the other 50% towards poker. If you make that deposit using crypto, it’s an extra $1,000 that we’re sending your way!

Bonuses are a great way to boost your bankroll before you hit the video slots.

Crypto Bonuses

When you play using crypto at Ignition, the news get even better…

The Crypto Weekly Boost Bonus means you can get 100% up to $1,000 with a match bonus when you deposit using any of our accepted crypto coins. Bitcoin slots are getting more and more popular these days, as players like the convenience of not having credit card approvals too.

Of course, there’s also that extra-warm Welcome Bonus we just mentioned – with a big boost just for crypto players.

Also, crypto-exclusive players get even more bonus benefits that are definitely worth looking into. Playing video slots for real money is even better when you’re getting extra funds every week.

Tell a Friend

The Tell a Friend special at Ignition Casino means you’ll get 200% of your mate’s first account deposit up to $100, and an extra $25 if their deposit is made using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other of our accepted crypto coins. All it takes is a quick send of a custom link from us, and then you can sit back and watch that easy referral cash roll in.

More Promotions at Ignition Casino

Heard of Ignition Rewards? They’re points that you can cash in at a later date for bonus funds, and you will earn them every time you play any Casino or Poker game at Ignition, including any online slots.

On top of all this, we’ve got Hot Drop Jackpots and a $10K Monthly Giveaway – so much to check out on our homepage too.

Play Video Pokies with Cryptocurrency

You can earn an extra $1,000 worth of bonus funds to welcome you to Bitcoin slots action compared to a normie who uses credit cards to add funds to their account.

On top of popular Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC), crypto casino players in Australia can play with USD Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Every crypto coin will convert into $AUD the moment they hit your account, so the highs and lows of crypto markets won’t affect your bankroll when you play at our crypto casino.

What other games can you play at Ignition Casino?

For poker fans who get their action from a live casino vibe and prefer to sit around the poker table, we’ve got one the most popular online poker rooms anywhere, with multi-million dollar prize pools and quick Jackpot Sit&Go games that are available 24/7

If you’re looking for more games of chance and less strategy, online bingo, online Keno and other table games are always available too.

Other online table games are another big attraction at Ignition Casino, with online roulette (several different versions of it too!) and online blackjack to the classics like Caribbean Hold ‘Em, Let ‘Em Ride, and more.

Video poker also offers a great way to scratch that poker itch, and we’ve got a great range from 1-hand games all the way to 10-hand games.

So you can see that video slots is where you can kick back and enjoy all kinds of adventures and still get that adrenaline the Ignition Casino is famous for.