This isn’t your Granny’s Bingo! With seven different varieties of bingo, and real money that can get real big in a hurry, Ignition offers online bingo in Australia that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Win Big with Online Bingo at Ignition Casino

You’d be surprised to learn that the game of bingo goes waaay back, all the way to 16th century Italy. It was a lottery-type game back then, and made its way to France where aristocrats played it.

The modern day version of bingo started showing up in carnivals and fairs in the 1920’s, with the name most likely coming from slang that British customs officers used when they found something good.

Today, besides tons of bingo halls all over the world, people can play bingo online for real money, often at cool spots like ours, right alongside online poker, online blackjack, online pokies and more.

And just like the game moved from French high society to giant spaces where you might well find a dingo roaming outside the bingo hall, the online bingo action has evolved to all kinds of great variations, which we’ll get into in a bit.

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How about some bingo lingo? It’s always better to know the language of the game you’re playing in any online casino action.

Bingo Lingo

Bingo board

This is where you can view the numbers that are called out.


An abbreviation for chat host, which is the person that welcomes you into a game of online bingo, ensures that the chat room remains friendly, and makes sure everyone follows the rules.

Chat name

Your chat name is the name that will show to other roomies. Pick something fun, but, for security, never include personal details like your date of birth.


This is the special marker used to ‘dab’ or mark off the numbers on your bingo ticket. In different  online bingo games in Australia, you can customise the shape and colour of your virtual dabber.

Eyes down

The caller says this when the game is about to start, to remind you to look at your ticket.

Free space

The empty square in the middle of a 5×5 bingo card – the one you remember as a kid that guarantees you at least one spot you can claim as a win.

Lights out

The term for the last bingo game of the night.


When you’re one away from winning, you’re ‘on’.


Other online bingo players in the chat room that you’re playing alongside.

There are plenty of other terms to learn when you play online bingo, but these ones should give you a great start. Let’s keep going!

How to play Online Bingo at Ignition Casino for real money?

For starters, choose your game. With 7 different ways to play online bingo at Ignition Casino, you’ve got a great chance to explore the fun ways to possibly get paid.

Just like a live casino, you’ll get a feeling as if you’re right there for the adventure with jungle explorers, beach bums and more.

Joining Ignition Casino is easy and take just a minute.

Then, you can fund your account. Ignition lets you deposit in a number of ways.

From cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to credit cards and player vouchers, there are plenty of ways to get into the game. You’ll score a Welcome Bonus too when you first deposit, so right away there’s extra funds for real money fun in your account.

Head straight the online casino specialty games section, and you’ll see bingo right away, with a cast of colorful characters to welcome you and get your adrenaline going.

Like roulette, poker, keno online or any of our other casino games, Ignition Casino’s online bingo offers amazing graphics and reliable payouts, so you know you are good when you withdraw your winnings.

What are the Online Bingo games you can play at Ignition Casino?

In short, there’s are plenty mate! Australian online bingo players can choose from 7 different varieties of this classic game.

Pesca Bingo

Play bingo under the sea with Pesca Bingo. You get up to four bingo cards per round, and 12 unique winning patterns with the top pattern paying $15,000 when you stake $10 a card. You can also cash in on extra prizes through a bonus round that’ll take you on a fishing trip. 

Go-Go Bingo

This is no-frills bingo at its best. Go-Go Bingo is full of opportunities to land any one of the 12 winning patterns, which could lead to an epic real money payout.

Bingo Ribeirinhos

The Ribeirinhos are a group of native South Americans who live by rivers. Join these happy-go-lucky folk for a game of river bingo. You might even score a progressive jackpot while you’re winding your way down the river.

Bingo Goal

This fun variant gets you to the front row of your favorite online bingo football (ok, or soccer!) game. Play with four cards in a stadium full of soccer fans and try to trigger the Penalty Kick Bonus

Bingo Cataratas

Bonus rounds and extra special features will be yours with this great trip near waterfalls and a lush jungle. It’s online bingo in Australia with a Brazilian twist.

Amazonia Bingo

Amazonia Bingo brings you to, you guessed it, the Amazon. And if you want to win exotic payouts, you’ll have to make the trek sand et up four bingo cards in the lush vegetation. With a progressive jackpot, extra balls feature, and a wild bonus round, this is online bingo for real money and it is amaz(on)ing!

Tribo Bingo

Palm trees, grass skirts, and beach huts await in this 31-ball bingo game, with an extra ball option that will have you bingoing on the beach even longer.

Why should you play Online Bingo at Ignition Casino?

Great question… glad you asked, friend. Let’s list a few reasons…

First off, it’s fun! Bingo is a great break at any part of the day – a game of chance and suspense that you can get into right away, without a ton of strategy and studying at the school of hard knocks. You can win right away even if you’re a beginner with any of those 7 varieties of online bingo that we mentioned above.

Second, it’s Ignition Australia! Enough said? We’ve got amazing graphics, a super trustworthy reputation, and reliable payouts with jackpots that can go sky high. We’re known for first-class online pokies, online poker, online blackjack and roulette, and we’ve applied the same standards to our bingo games.

Third (and more) – well, read on…

Deposit Bonuses

The two major deposit bonuses are the Casino Welcome Bonus and the Weekly Match reload bonus, both of which are triggered when you add funds to your account. You can use most of these on Baccarat if you’d like, or on any of our great games.

New players can get up to $2,000 AUD in bonus funds with a 100% match on their first deposit, with one half good in the casino and the other half for poker. If you make that deposit using crypto it shoots up to $3,000! That’s a lotta online bingo games.

When you reload with your next deposit, be sure to use the special Weekly Match bonus available to you. That means instant online casino bonuses of up to $100 at a 100% match rate.

Crypto Bonuses

All that bonus cash gets even bigger when you play using cryptocurrency at Ignition. There are more details below, but you need to know about the Crypto Weekly Boost Bonus.

Every week, you can score this bonus 100% up to $1000 match bonus when you deposit using any accepted cryptocurrency. And given the changing nature of the exchange rate, cashing these bonus funds out at the right time can even produce additional profits on the backend.

Tell a Friend

Bingo is a very sociable game and telling a friend about Ignition can make it a profitable one too.
The Tell a Friend offer at Ignition Casino means you’ll receive 200% of your friend’s first deposit up to $100, plus an extra $25 if their deposit is made using crypto.

More Promotions at Ignition Casino

There are way more bonuses to cash in on too. Every time you sit down and play online bingo games, you can score Ignition Rewards – points that you can cash in later for bonus cash.
If goes beyond bingo too – Hot Drop Jackpots, Weekly Poker Freerolls, the $10K Monthly Giveaway and many more great bonus offers are also in the cards when you play at Ignition Casino.

Play Online Bingo with Cryptocurrency

Besides the widely known Bitcoin (BTC), crypto casino players in Australia can now also use Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), USD Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as Litecoin (LTC).

In total, there’s an extra $1,000 of bonus money to welcome players to crypto casino action compared to someone who uses standard currency to add funds to their account.

Ignition Casino’s crypto players are becoming more knowledgeable about the cryptocurrency space, and this means they’re also needing more coins for more flexibility.

Every crypto coin converts into its equivalent in AUD when they hit your account, so the price fluctuations that do happen in crypto trading won’t affect your bottom line.

What other games can you play at Ignition Casino?

Besides excellent online bingo options, we’ve got one the most-visited poker rooms in the online casino world, with big-money tournaments offering millions in prize money to quick Jackpot Sit&Go games that are available around the clock. big-time prize pools help too),

Other online table games are another big attraction at Ignition Casino, with online roulette to the super popular Let ‘Em Ride, Caribbean Hold ‘Em and more. Bitcoin blackjack is great action, but if you need a break for something different, these are great choices.

Hundreds of online pokies, from classic Vegas-style games to modern adventures in the jungle and in futuristic cities are also great picks for your Bitcoin casino wagers

Finally Hot Drop Jackpots at Ignition might match your bingo excitement. They’re guaranteed must drop jackpots on a handful of our most popular pokies. Just have a look at the hourly, daily and weekly jackpots and you know for sure that someone’s walking away with a win every time.

Hot Drop Jackpots