Rise of Women in Australian Sports: Inspiring Female Athletes

The popularity of female sports across the globe has made significant strides in recent years, attracting large viewing numbers, gaining more sponsorship opportunities, and inspiring the next generation of female athletes. Female sports teams have been showcasing their talent, determination, and passion for their sports on a national and international stage – particularly sports teams coming from Australia.

The impressive achievements of Australian women in sports have not only changed the landscape of sports in Australia but have also worked hard to challenge perceptions about sports. As the rise of women in Australian sports continues to flourish, the opportunities and achievements for female athletes will be never-ending.

Australian Women in Sports

In a range of Australian sports, women have continued to excel and achieve great things. Dominating the world of swimming we have athletes like Dawn Fraser, Shane Gould, and Emma McKeon who have been extremely successful in the Olympics.

Female Australians have also made their marks on sports that are typically thought to be male-dominated by men, like rugby and football. Also in cricket, the women’s team – known as the Southern Stars – has won multiple World Cups and made a name for themselves internationally in this stereotypically male sport.

With the rise of these all-female sports teams, they are becoming an inspiration to little girls across the country – and the globe – who dream of one day becoming professional athletes. As female teams gain more support and recognition for their hard work and sportsmanship, being a successful athlete becomes a more realistic career ambition for many women.

Inspiring Female Athletes in Australia

Australia is home to some of the top athletes in the world in their respective sports, from world-class swimmers to basketball players, here are some of the most inspiring female athletes in Australia.

Emma McKeon, Swimming

Emma McKeon is known for being an incredible swimmer and has brought home many medals for her country during her career. She is currently a seven-time world record holder but proved herself during the 2020 Olympic Games which made her Australia’s most decorated Olympian.

During the 2020 games, she won four gold and three bronze medals, making her the most decorated athlete across all sports. She was even tied for the most medals won by a woman in one single Olympic Games.

Interestingly, McKeon was ready to give up on swimming in 2012, but thankfully she stuck with the sport and went on to achieve greatness – inspiring other aspiring swimmers all across the globe.

Lauren Jackson, Basketball

Lauren Jackson is thought to be one of the greatest female basketball players of all time, dominating the sport globally and bringing home numerous awards for her hard work. Playing the forward position, Jackson was entered into the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) draft and was selected by the Seattle Storm team.

Throughout her basketball career, typically seen as an extremely male-dominated spot, Jackson was able to prove her skills on the pitch as well as her intense passion for the game. Despite now having retired from the WNBA, she still stays very heavily involved in the world of basketball. Playing in smaller teams and coaching the next generation of basketball all-stars, Jackson remains a very important name in the world of women’s basketball.

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Sam Kerr, Soccer

Recently, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and Wide World of Sports came together to vote on who they thought was the most influential female athlete in Australia, where Sam Kerr came out on top with an incredible 185 votes.

Sam Kerr, who played for – and was the captain of – the Australian female soccer team, The Matildas, is Australia’s all-time leading goal scorer with a record number of 62 goals across her career. She’s also known for scoring Australia’s first World Cup hat trick, being the first woman to win the Golden Boot in three leagues across different continents, and being the first woman to feature on the front cover of the popular FIFA video game.

Her list of achievements is incredible, and she has been justly rewarded for what she’s done for female football. The striker has been awarded Young Australian of the Year in 2018 and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia recently too.

Ash Barty, Tennis

Ash Barty was an extremely influential tennis player, despite retiring from the sport when she was 25 – and was currently holding the spot as world No. 1. She’s an extremely recognizable individual whose achievements on the court have been amplified for the work she is doing off the court too.

Proud of her indigenous heritage, Barty has become the face of the Australian Open’s inaugural Indigenous Day started in 2021, a day that celebrates the culture of indigenous populations in the country. She has also used her platform to create opportunities for indigenous children to get into tennis, or other dreams they may have.

Australian Women in Poker

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