Is Ignition Casino Legit? What Makes Our Casino Safe

In the world of online gaming, there’s nothing as valuable as peace of mind – not even supersized jackpots or great betting odds. When you deposit your money into your gaming account at an online casino, you want – and deserve – to know it’s safe and reputable.

Fortunately, when you choose to game at Ignition Casino, that peace of mind is exactly what you’ll get.

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Launched in 2016, Ignition Casino is a renowned online gaming platform with members all over the world, predominantly in countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia. With over 300 casino games, table games, and poker games on offer, Ignition is known for its exceptional variety and never-ending fun. Despite its young age, Ignition Casino has cemented its position as one of the most trustworthy online casinos on the market today.

In addition to its credibility, Ignition Casino is known for its fantastic customer service, user-friendly interface, and generosity. This is most often extended in the form of casino sign-up bonuses and promotions. From the Ignition Poker & Casino Welcome Bonus to the Weekly Boost and all other offers in between, players aren’t just guaranteed reliability – they’re guaranteed some incredible rewards, too.

If you’ve been wondering, “Is Ignition Casino safe to use?”, then this guide is the perfect place to get your answers. Here, we highlight everything you need to know about what makes Ignition Casino so legit, including:

  • How we ensure our members get paid
  • Our use of random number generators to guarantee fair play
  • Our massive jackpots
  • Our top-tier online poker offerings

Ignition Casino Makes Sure Our Clients Get Paid

One of the things that makes Ignition Casino legit is our commitment to our members. Specifically, our commitment to ensuring that our members get paid.

At Ignition Casino, we make sure our players have access to quick and easy payouts. There are various withdrawal methods available at Ignition Casino, all of which will get you your winnings in a timely way. These include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USD Tether
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bank Wire
  • Check by Courier
  • MatchPay
  • Voucher

While the withdrawal wait times vary between payment methods, you can rest easy knowing your money will be in your hands as soon as possible. If you’re looking for the fastest payouts, we recommend opting for cryptocurrency withdrawals – specifically, methods like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, USD Tether, and/or Litecoin – as these can be processed in as little as an hour.

Bitcoin, Player Transfer, and Voucher requests typically take roughly 24 hours to process. Check By Courier and Bank Wire requests take longer to be approved and prepped for delivery, usually 24-48 hours.

Ignition Casino Games Use Random Number Generators

To anyone wondering, “Is Ignition Casino legit?”, we have three words to say: random number generators (RNGs).

Not familiar with them? No problem. RNGs are computer systems/algorithms that generate random numbers and/or sequences of numbers. As the name suggests, RNGs offer complete unpredictability in online gaming, ensuring that game winners are selected fairly.

Ignition Casino follows best practices by not only using RNGs but testing them regularly to ensure they abide by industry standards. Learn more about our fairness and RNG testing methods here.

Ignition Offers Huge Jackpots

A key pillar of any trustworthy casino is equal access for all. Here at Ignition, we’ve built our platform on that exact belief; specifically, the belief that all our members should have access to the same life-changing jackpots.

In 2022, we took that commitment a step further by introducing Hot Drop Jackpots, which are must-drop jackpots unlike any other. These supersized prizes come in three different forms, all of which are up for grabs amongst all gamers:

  • Hourly Jackpots – Jackpots to be won every hour. These jackpots average roughly $1,000 each.
  • Must-Win Daily Jackpots – Jackpots to be won every day. These jackpots average roughly $25,000 each.
  • Must-Win Super Jackpots – Jackpots to be won when they reach their allotted maximum prize value. These jackpots average roughly $300,000 each.

Players can try their luck at scoring Hot Drop Jackpots across an array of casino games, including:

  • American Jet Set
  • Oasis Dreams
  • Santa’s Ways
  • Temple of Athena
  • Year of the Rabbit

Ignition Is One of the Only Australia Sites that Offer Legit Poker

As you likely know, Australians are no strangers to the fun of gaming. From online pokies to poker and everything in between, Aussies love the thrill of placing a bet and seeing if the odds swing in their favour.

Unfortunately, not many Australian sites offer legit and safe online gaming, particularly in the realm of online poker. That’s where Ignition Casino comes in.

Ignition Casino is setting the standard in the Australian market, ensuring that online poker is fair for all. We do this by offering an amazing range of poker features, including Anonymous Tables, complete hand histories, and single session player notes.

Anonymous Tables allow you to play incognito, meaning your opponents won’t have any insight on who you are or how you play. What you’re left with is a totally even playing field where anyone can win.

Complete hand histories are available for download 24 hours after a scheduled tournament has finished. Here you can see every player’s hole card from previous poker games and how the games unfolded. You can then learn from these insights and improve your own strategy moving forward.

Finally, single session notes offer you a competitive edge by allowing you to study your competitors’ moves. As they play, you can jot down notes on their strategies and create a totally ethical “cheat sheet” that you can consult throughout the game.

Is Ignition Casino Legit?

So, is Ignition Casino safe to use? The answer is a resounding yes!

First and foremost, our commitment to our clients is our guiding light. It’s the thing that not only keeps us going but motivates us to be as trustworthy and transparent as possible. Ensuring that you have fun and get paid promptly (and generously, thanks to our Hot Drop Jackpots) is our #1 priority.

We also use random number generators to stay impartial. Maintaining this sense of unpredictability is vital for keeping things both fun and fair for all members.

Ignition Casino also houses an array of unique poker features not offered anywhere else in the Australian poker market. From Anonymous Tables to hand histories to session notes, these are just a few of the features that make Ignition Casino the most reliable online poker site for Aussies.

Ready to get in on the action yourself? Play now at Ignition Casino!